Dininzi Essential Beard Oil Serum – 40ml

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This Beard Oil is 100% natural beard oil that Grows, Softens and Stops itching of your beard. It is made from Vitamin E oil, Almond Oil, Chamomile Oil and Jojoba oil. Basically, it has everything Beard Oil has. Getting this would be nice for variety.
After the hair follicle cells are activated, the cells divide and hence the area of beard growth increases as well as the length of the hair.
This special lend of these ingredients add shine as they help to prevent dry and itchy beard. This Beard Oil helps to sooth, moisturize and invigorate your skin and facial hairs as it delivers the nutrients your skin and beards needs to flourish and grow properly. If you are looking for the product to help you grow your beard then this is it.
A variety of nutrients are absorbed by these hair follicle cells ensuring a fully nourish beard leaving it black. Supple and of full texture GUARANTEED.

Dosage: Apply and Massage 2 times a day, Ensure an unhindered continuous usage for 1 -2 months straight for best results.

1. MOUTH WATERING SCENT: The Forest™ blend contains a delicious concoction of four distinct essential oils reminiscent of a virgin forest.
2. GUARANTEED KISSABLE: Our time-tested trio of premium base oils are guaranteed to soften your beard and give it a healthy shine.
3. NO MORE BEARD ITCH: We understand that pain that is beard itch and beard dandruff. Our oil will relieve these issues once and for all.
5. ALL NATURAL: No fillers, no synthetic chemicals.
6. 1 bottle- 40ml