Wonder Belly Slimming Patch – 30 Pieces

Wonder Belly Slimming Patch

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Natural Ingredients and No preservatives – Sophoricoside / Catechin / Capsaicin / Caffeine / Sallcornia herbacaa Main effects of each ingredient

Sophoricoside : Natural and patented substance with effects reducing weight and fat. Catechin: Reduces cellulite and inhibits the accumulation of fat cells.

Capsaicin : Prevents obesity and removes cellulite by reducing body fats. Caffeine: Destroys cellulite by softening fat cells of callage.

Sallcornia herbacaa : Skincare How to use: Put the patch on the part without wet or cosmetics For an initial user, try the patch on for 4~6 hours and increase the time to the max 8 hours according to the skin texture

In the case of using it on the same body part, use it every 2 days, not every day recommended. Portion control and exercise with using wonder patch for 6 weeks will help to enhance the Diet Effect.

For feeling the stimulus at the peeling off, it’s better to get rid of it after applying the body cream on the body part and wait to be absorbed. In the case of itching while using it, take cold pack once per 2~3 days instead of scratching, then reuse the wonder patch first get ride of middle film of trisectionAdjust and well positioned the patch around belly buttonGet rid of both ends of the film and dab it well attached.

Stand still for 2~3 min. for securing its place well. Please surely do peel off the patch in the width-wise.
Usage Summary: One Patch Every 2 days, should not be posted more than 8 hours each time, the foil directly attached to the skin.

If you feel hot, this is a normal burning fat. 4-8 weeks per course of treatment.Note: 8 hours is recommended time. Reasonable time-frame is 3-8 hours. After you try a few times, you will be able to find a suitable time


  • U.S. FDA approved
  • Persisting for 8 hours, Long effect!
  • Simply paste before going to sleep- Easy to Apply
  • Targets only fat/cellulite on and around the Belly.
  • Care of the fat on the stomach.


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